Sunday, 24 April 2016

Vunkuwa association Your one-stop-solution for all your spa wellness and business requirements.

  Are you ready to Jumpstart your Holistic Practice and Get the Support You Need to Create a Thriving, Sustainable Business that You Love to Wake up to Everyday?

 Your business is a reflection of you. If you are stuck internally, this will be reflected externally. If you do not believe you can succeed, this will be reflected in your business. Once you get back in touch with your spiritual self, your soul, you will find more clarity around your life purpose and career. Often it is limiting beliefs of the mind that hold us back from being able to truly hear our heart. Ultimate fulfillment comes only when we listen to our heart.

Vunkuwa association will teach you how to clear your mind, find a still quiet space to hear the inner guidance of your heart so that you can become your own guide in your life to happiness, fulfillment and success. We will  Also look at how your inner beliefs, thoughts, desires and attitudes that are limiting your business, sales, and growth and clear the limitations allowing you to move forward and expand both personally and in your business. Our mission is to allow more holistic professionals to continue their work without the struggle, follow their dreams and make an impact in the world...
We provide u with the methods that u can use to promote your business. 

We help you develop your products to meet customer needs and review your prices and costing to allow you to gain optimum profit. We offer a fully integrated marketing service. On a daily basis we advise, guide and produce strategies to help you receive a greater return on their marketing investment; create lead generating designs for leaflets, advertising, brochures and point of sale; deliver cost-effective public relations to raise profiles; we develop hard-working websites, also help you appear on the social media campaigns to encourage engagement and more. The programs include direct access to and coaching from Carol personally or on the skype 4 times per month for 6 months.

Let’s start at the beginning

a new business is like pieces of puzzles

As exciting as starting up a business is the questions of where to start, and how, and ‘Am I doing it right?’ can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. It’s supposed to feel that way.
That thought may not provide much comfort; however, having a few handy steps to guide you through the process may help. 

1 step

Deciding on a legal structure
 (e.g. sole trader, limited company, etc.)
Choosing a trading name (which may simply be your own name)
Informing the government of your new business
Finding out about your tax obligations and whether you need to register for VAT
Opening a business bank account (or at least a separate personal current account)
Get an accountant
most of these conundrums can be solved by your accountant.

2 step

write Mission Statement.
 Why do you do what you do? Your goal for your business…besides to make a profit? This can go on your shop profile or in your shop announcement. Definitely, on your “About Me” page if you have a website or blog. Keep it semi-short though. People don’t want to read a book! To do this, explain why you create the products you sell. Tell who you're selling them to {your target market}

3 step

 Practice the following techniques to become the master of your own time: Carry a schedule and record all your thoughts, conversations and activities for a week. This will help you understand how much you can get done during the course of a day and where your precious moments are going. You'll see how much time is actually spent producing results and how much time is wasted on unproductive thoughts, conversations and actions.

Any activity or conversation that's important to your success should have a time assigned to it. To-do lists get longer and longer to the point where they're unworkable.  Appointment books work. Schedule appointments with yourself and create time blocks for high-priority thoughts, conversations, and actions. Schedule when they will begin and end. Have the discipline to keep these appointments.
Plan to spend at least 50 percent of your time engaged in the thoughts, activities, and conversations that produce most of your results.

4 step

Explain key features & characteristics. Tell customers what sets you apart from your competition.
Describe your target market. Narrow your focus. I know you’re thinking, “If I narrow down who I’m selling to then I’ll lose customers.” Well, yes & no. You may have a narrower target market, but those are the people who are going to buy your product. All the other people that you’re marketing too aren’t buying your stuff anyhow because it’s not for them! 

 Step 5

 Branding is one of those subjects that can be very confusing for small business owners just starting out. 
Referring to business, when you hear the term “branding” what comes to mind?
A logo
A style, look or feel
An ideal
Yes! All of those things have to do with branding, & as a business you need to brand yourself!

A brand tells who you are, what you do, and how you do it.
Your “brand” would need to reflect what your business is about.
You reflect your brand, and people perceive your brand.

Why you need a brand.
To set yourself apart. Most markets these days are saturated. You need to stand out in the crowd. You can start this process with your brand. Remember, you reflect your brand & others perceive it. You want your brand perceived in a way that is rememberable & professional.

Step 6

What do you need for marketing online successfully
The Web shops  with e-commerce
Social media strategy
 – email marketing 
Video marketing
 – Google Analytics
Search Engine Optimization (Seo)


Offline marketing

promote your business
Exciting networking events,  (fairs, meetings,… relations with the press, write an article on wedding magazine and lifestyle,  online PR via social networks,
Brochure, flyer, Fairs, posters, banners

fabulous people This is the beginning of a fruitful and exciting join Vunkuwa association and  Embark on a journey that will unleash your inner strength for better business and more joy and satisfaction of your being.