Tuesday, 11 February 2014

vunkuwa Association have created a special membership designed to help maximize your benefits within our Associations. The tools we provide give your business an advantage in today’s competitive marketplace and help you and your business to succeed in this ever changing economy. The Academy has the finest education programs that integrate holistic approach in Wellness Industry. Here we nurture your knowledge and your possibilities to grow as a person and a therapist.

Our Association brings therapists, entrepreneurs and experts together for awareness and growth. Our platform entails a network for education information, collaboration, partnering, leadership, business support and consultation to members. It is in the purpose of the association to promote you and to bring out the best out of its members through tailor-made guidance and membership.

We offer the finest education programs and the creation of unique tailor-made concepts for small and larger projects in Spa and Wellness industry. The company started the Association to support holistic health practitioners and wellness professionals to leverage their talents and skills to grow profitable, sustainable businesses that make a difference in the health and lives of others. The members will be professionals with wellness, health and skincare, healing and medicine.
Our Mission and Goals

To foster a coherent and vibrant Spa, Health and Wellness industry by working together to facilitate dynamic networks and promote awareness, excellence and sustainability.
We are committed to:
• Deliver information, resources and member benefits
Set Industry standards and facilitate implementation
• Connecting the Community and providing a platform for building relationships
• Life long learning opportunities including
• Increasing and growing our partnerships with other associations and organizations that impact the industry
• Educating consumers to provide them with a Connection to their local health and wellness centers and how to incorporate better living into their lives
• Providing the best resources available including articles, education, and information enhancing success in our industry
• Connecting with our members through symposiums, internet, webinars, trade shows and one-on-one communication
• To educate the public of the many health benefits derived from spa treatments and therapies
• To establish and maintain professional standards for training, administration, service, d product suppliers
• To providesafety an an active forum for the exchange of ideas and information between spa and wellness industry professionals, suppliers and affiliated businesses and organizations.