Tuesday, 26 April 2016

We are passionate about Sharing our Holistic and Wellness knowledge with you

Carol Rahaba

Vunkuwa international academy 

 I am passionate about living life with purpose and I have spent years studying different modalities of health and healing. I have learned how our emotions deeply affect our bodies and if not expressed they eventually will express themselves through the body and it stops us from getting the very best from our life! I've embarked on a personal journey many years ago now of healing and wellness that has led me to new core beliefs about who I am and how I choose to live my life. Health and Wellness is the Key to living Your Passion. Being a wellness holistic health practitioner means more than just pulling together a workout for my clients.I’m often called to help people understand that the word “holistic” means “whole.” Holistic health is therefore defined as the health of the whole person. This includes healing the whole person.That is why I always stress that the word “health” incorporates spirit, mind, and body. I place them in that order for a reason.Anytime we wish to improve our health and lifestyle, we should begin with improving the condition of our spirit.It is our spirit, (which is our subconscious state of being), that controls our daily lives.       

          We are going to define what we can do to help you understand your business
        Vunkuwa academy and association
1.we help you  Get Your Life in Excellent Shape, by tackling most of your emotional fears and blockages.
As a massage therapist in private practice, it is quite likely that you did not choose your profession because you wanted to be a business person. As a result, it can be challenging to go into business for yourself and be successful.
 Taking time to prepare and planning as you build your private practice will help you avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. Below are ten areas to address to help ensure your success.

we Look at all aspects of your dayly activities and determine what seems to be working for you and what needs to change. and help you to decide on any activities you need to reduce or eliminate in order to have the time and energy to market your practice.
We wil also Examine your lifestyle and personal work habits and see where improvement needs to be made. The more your life is in order, the more time and energy you will have for marketing and building a practice.
2.We help you Develop a Vision for Your Massage Practice.

It's difficult to get somewhere if you don't know where you are going.we will help you
Develop a detailed vision of what you want your massage practice to look like in 6 months, 1 year and 5 years and write it down.
How many clients do you want to have?
What days and hours do you want to work?
How much income do you need/want?
The more clarity and specificity you have, the more likely you will turn your vision into reality. 

3. We will guide you in Developing at Least One or two Specialization in your Practice.

Massage Therapists, professionals healing and new  private practice often fear that if they are too narrow in the type of services they offer, they will rule out many other potential clients. The opposite is actually more often true as people tend to want to hire specialists. The more targeted you are in marketing your practice, the more you will stand out from others and become known for your expertise. In addition, it's easier to market your practice to a particular group if you know where to find them.

4.We will help you see that you are a healer and Business Owner

It is essential that you start seeing yourself as a business owner if you haven't made this mind-shift already. You must pay careful attention to all aspects of your business-your revenue and expenses, how you spend your time, methods of attracting clients, and developing operating systems that allow your business to run smoothly.

5. We will guide you in Making a Commitment To Build Your Practice

Typically it can take anywhere from 1-3+ years to build a full practice. Exactly how long will depend on several factors including the size of your current network, how effectively you market, the demand for your area of expertise, and how much time you spend developing your practice. Make a commitment to take action steps on a regular basis. It's best if you set aside a specific amount of time on a weekly basis for marketing your practice, and try to stick to this schedule even when you become discouraged or become tempted to allow other things to take priority.

6.we will help you identify Any Negative Attitudes and Fears You Have About Marketing

Many massage therapists, and healing professionals are uncomfortable with the marketing aspect of being in private practice. They see their role as to be there for others and not to promote themselves. Our repeated exposure to negative and manipulative types of marketing further contributes to the belief that marketing ourselves is somehow inappropriate. Any negative attitudes and fears you have about marketing a practice need to be eliminated. we will help you in ways to market with integrity and  authenticity to educate people more on your principles and values on your chosen subjectholistic healing, so you can  Be proud of your services and have confidence that you have something to offer people that they need and want.

7. we will help Develop a Marketing Plan with you

In order to market your massage practice successfully you must have an integrated marketing plan. One of the most common mistakes helping and healing professionals make is trying a few methods of marketing your practice haphazardly, and when the results are not immediate, they erroneously assume the techniques don't work. Flourishing massage practices are frequently built upon a number of marketing strategies that work together over time. To market effectively you must make yourself repeatedly visible to potential clients and referral sources so that they get to know and trust you.

8. we wiil guide you in Choosing Marketing Methods That Excite You

Take some time to explore and develop marketing methods that suit your unique talents and interests. There are numerous ways to promote your practice. To get ideas, read books, take courses, ask other professionals how they built their practices, or hire a marketing consultant or coach.
Marketing can be an enjoyable and creative process that provides a balance to the work you do with your clients. Find a way to take pleasure in this aspect of your business and you will be more motivated to do it.

9.we guide you to focus manly on Education-Based Marketing

Education-Based Marketing is a powerful marketing strategy that establishes trust and credibility using educational messages. It is the direct opposite of traditional marketing, which uses selling-based messages. People are tired of hearing worn-out, old sales pitches. Barriers shoot up the moment you begin delivering a sales pitch. In contrast, people sit up and listen when you share important facts and expert information that help them make a good buying decision.Treat your self to one of our innovative body massage treatment or you can also say Come and visit us for one of our specialized massage treatments and enjoy a relaxing massage. We offer a variety of specialized treatments which promotes relaxation by relieving stress ,tension and discomfort in the lower back, neck and calfs, reduce swelling in hands, feet and ankles, and lesson sciatic pain. this massage helps with relaxation and can improve sleep by increasing blood and lymph flow, which in turn helps with the elimination of toxins from the body, which also helps fatigue.

Please add list of the treatments you offer and the prices.

.10 vunkuwa specialises in guiding you to create your own signature touch . What is Signature massages

To set yourself apart from your competition it's always a good idea to offer a treatment that is exclusive to your practice when you are working out what your signature treatment should be, consider this question: 
What is currently the most popular treatment in your business?
Once you've worked out the answer to this one, see if you can do a variation of this treatment with your own unique twist, so this can become YOUR signature treatment. The temptation can often be to create a signature treatment that is based on treatments that aren't very popular in an effort to boost sales of these You need to aim to have your signature treatment as one of your most requested treatments. If it is only available through your salon or spa and it is popular with your clients, they will talk about it to their friends.
.the are lots of sister and brothers out there who are  already mixing vunkuwa  with other massage techniques as they are on special megical touch  Once you create a unique signature service, this becomes synonymous with your practise's name.

Last but not least your working dates and hours in a week put them down for your clients to know  about them.

fabulous people This is the beginning of a fruitful and exciting venture.do join Vunkuwa association and  Embark on a journey that will unleash your inner strength for better business and more joy and satisfaction of your being.

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